Differences and Comparisons Between Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Pharmaceuticals

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Essential oils are gaining popularity right this moment as persons are discovering the highly effective impact they’ll haven’t solely on the bodily physique but in addition for emotional therapeutic. There are variations in oils that are offered in well-being meals shops, grocery shops and on the Web. The low worth of a vital oil can flag a warning to you and in addition if the bottle says “not for inner use” that’s one other purple flag. Whenever you put any oil in your pores and skin it’s absorbed into the physique internally. The FDA requires the producer so as to add that warning to their label if there are any components or if the oil has been adulterated. When they’re adulterated they reduce¬†with artificial extenders that could cause rashes, burning, and pores and skin irritations. Solvents can all trigger allergic reactions, moreover being devoid of any therapeutic results.

In case your physique is extremely acidic even therapeutic grade essential oils can present a response to the pores and skin with a purple rash. This can be a private purple flag to you letting you understand that your physique is extremely acidic which suggests you’ve a substantial amount of irritation in your physique. It is the irritation within the physique that may kill you.

There are Four Grades of Essential Oils:

1. Grade A oils are pure therapeutic high quality and are normally constituted of organically grown vegetation distilled on the correct temperature utilizing steam distillation.

2. Grade B oils are meals grade; they could include synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, extenders, or service oils.

3. Grade C oils are fragrance grade and should include the identical kind of adulterating chemical compounds as meals grade oils. They normally include solvents, that are used to realize the next yield of oil per harvest. Solvents are usually cancerous.

4. Floral Water is a byproduct of the distillation course of, a really prime quality if it comes from a Grade A distillation course of. Accordingly, it’s of low high quality if it comes from poor high quality uncooked supplies and or poor distillation processes. It’s normally present in pores and skin and hair merchandise.

When the important oil is Grade A and is therapeutic grade high quality it may be of huge profit to the physique. Many individuals use them as an alternative choice to prescribed drugs. With therapeutic grade important oils there are not any destructive uncomfortable side effects as is widespread with prescribed drugs. Let me share with you a chart that I’ve discovered very fascinating.

Essential Oils and Prescription drugs In contrast

Essential Oils


1. Pure, wildcrafted or grown organically.

2. A whole lot of constituents, not all recognized.

3. By no means two batches the identical

4. Not patentable (God made)

Results and Penalties

5. Restores pure perform

6. No opposed interactions

7. Antiviral

8. Improves intercellular communication

9. Corrects and restores correct mobile reminiscence (DNA)

10. Cleanses receptor websites

11. Builds the immune system

12. Emotionally balancing

13. Unwanted side effects helpful

14. Leads towards independence and wellness


15. Assumes wellness as pure state, invulnerable to sickness

16. Assumes physique and thoughts able to self-healing

17. Built-in wholistically, physique, thoughts, and soul as a unit

18. Construct pure defenses and let physique cope with illness

19. Treats internally at stage of mobile intelligence

20. Theistic, historic roots in reli- gion when healers had been clergymen

Prescription drugs


1. Unnatural, artificial chemi- cally or genetically engineered

2. One or two energetic substances, all of that are recognized

3. Each batch the identical (Purity)

4. Patentable (artificial)

Results and Penalties

5. Inhibits pure perform

6. Many opposed interactions

7. Normally not antiviral

8. Disrupts intercellular communication

9. Garbles and confuses mobile reminiscence (DNA)

10. Blocks receptor websites

11. Depresses immune system

12. Emotionally unbalancing

13. Unwanted side effects dangerous

14. Leads towards dependence and power illness


15. Assumes pure state susceptible and susceptible to sickness

16. Assumes physique and thoughts want exterior help to heal

17. Fragmented, treats physique elements, thoughts and feelings separate

18. Supplant pure defenses and assault illness itself

19. Treats externally at stage of gross signs

20. Secular, historic roots in mat- erialism motivated by cash

Taken from “The Chemistry of Important Oils Made Easy”

Web page 420 By Dr. David Stewart PhD., D.N.M.

As you may see there’s a nice distinction between essential oils and prescribed drugs. You will need to keep in mind that these comparisons are with Grade A therapeutic oils. I hope this helps you perceive why they’re turning into in style once more as they had been hundreds of years in the past earlier than western drugs got here on the scene.

Source by Nancy Gaier

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