Contraindications to Aromatherapy Massage

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Contraindications mean what situations people should not use the subject treatment at that time. When we consider to Aromatherapy massage, it’s a merely natural, healthful and safe medication. So generally there are not any critical barriers to use essential oils for most of the people who like to get aromatherapy massage.


  • Blood Pressure – For patients who have low and high blood pressure should not allow getting downside from the massage treatment table unaided as they feel very uncomfortable. Also, it would be great if they will enable a recovery time after the treatment for low blood pressure patients. 
  • Diabetes – There is a possibility of a drop in the sugar level during the aromatherapy massage treatment. So make sure to have a sugar-based drink to use when it required.
  • Osteoporosis – Massage should be done very mildly for the people who have osteoporosis, not recommended to perform the treatment if the patient is in critical health.
  • Asthma – Do not use a considerable amount of essential oil dosage if he/she has asthma. Otherwise, it will cause to decrease in lung capacity. Massage is contraindicated.
  • Pregnancy – Always take guidance from a professional. Massage should be very gentle in sensitive areas.
  • Fever – If you suffer from unusually high body temperature, avoid aromatherapy massage until get recovered.
  • Surgery – Don’t massage over the operated area if it was done within the last six months. 
Contraindications to aromatherapy massage
Contraindications to aromatherapy massage

Diving Deep – learn more about essential oils

Essential oils that used on aromatherapy massage are very concentrated on their substances. They should dilute before application. You must refer guidelines of each essential oil before applying it to your skin and make sure to keep it away from the children and your eyes. If the oil contact with your eyes, rinse them with an unbiased oil and after clean them with mineral water. If you have allergies after using aromatherapy massage oils, it’s recommended to prevent the use.

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